Milan Airports

Milan Airports

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Milan has three airports: Milan Bergamo, Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa which is the principal airport serving airlines and flights from all around the world.

Vergiate, Venegono, Bresso, Voghera and Montichiari are all smaller airports in the region

Bergamo airport

Bergamo Airport

Also known as Orio al Serio, operates a number of budget flights from the UK

Linate airport

Linate Airport

Also known as Airport Enrico Forlanini is the second most important airport around Milan

Malpensa airport

Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa International is the principal airport serving from all around the world

Guide To Milan Airports

There is not really a definitive answer as to which airport is best . . .it depends in the main where you are travelling from, where you are going and of course at what time of year.

As a rough guide though . . .

The best airport for Milan City Centre is: Linate . . . insofar as it the closest.

The best International Airport and the largest in terms of passengers is: Milan Malpensa.

The best airport to get to the Italian Alps is Bergamo. Ryanair also have a large presence at Bergamo airport which makes it a very popular airport for tourists with just about any European country being connected.

Milan itself is a stunning, vibrant modern city known throughout the world for its cutting edge (and historical) contribution to fashion. In fact all of Italy’s major fashion houses have a presence in Milan.

I have always found Milan the perfect start point for a bit of touring….once there you are not too far from the French Riviera, the alps or most northern European countries . . . it is also a good place to start off a tour of Italy . . . what better way to see a country than by car . . . start at Milan and drive down all the way to Naples.

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