Via Aeroporto 13, 24050 Orio Al Serio (Italy)

Bars and Restaurants at Bergamo Airport

Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

Bergamo Airport offers a good selection of places to get something to eat and drink while you are waiting for your flight to be called, ranging from a self service restaurant serving hot and cold meals to a typical Italian coffee shop/snack bar.

Bar/Cafe/Restaurant Refreshments Served
Agropromo Bergamo Typical Bergamo cuisine
Autogrill SpA Coffee house and snack bar
Iniziative Commerciali Bar/cafe serving ice cream, liquor and beer
Juice Bar SrL Fresh fruit juice, smoothies, yoghourt, fruit, breakfast and lunch
Marianna SrL Ice cream and confectionery
MyChef Restaurant
Servair Airchef SrL Restaurant/self service

The cuisine of Bergamo is essentially Alpine-Venetian, and polenta is served with almost everything, including sweets. One of the most traditional versions is taragna polenta which is prepared by melting cheese together with butter in cornmeal polenta, which is then served with cotechino (a boiled salami-like sausage) and game.

Another specialty is called cunsada polenta which is sliced, covered with Taleggio, and topped with butter and sage. Heated on a griddle, fried, toasted, or topped with salami or braised meats polenta illustrates perfectly Bergamo’s rich culinary legacy. The local specialty is a polenta cake with chocolate birds heads sticking out of it.

The area around Bergamo is traditionally a great place for hunting so a number of dishes feature game of both the feather and fur varieties. There is also a long list of fine Lombardy pork products, including delicacies like salamelle, cotechini and salamis that are among the best that Italy has to offer.

So if you are dining out in Bergamo be prepared for a treat because the local cuisine boasts lovely cheeses – typically traditional Alpine – plus some fabulous game dishes and a great selection of sausages.

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