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We believe that it is worth pre booking a private taxi through Shuttle Direct who are our recommended partners for Malpensa Airport.


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We always use Shuttle Direct for our own personal private transfers and have no hesitation in recommending them to you.

Italian taxis are only permitted to take a maximum of 4 people (including any children), so if you are travelling with a large party with children it is advisable to book a private Malpensa Airport Transfer.

Another cheaper option is to book a seat on a shared transfer shuttle bus where you can reserve a ticket on a bus which stops at various destinations/resorts surrounding Malpensa Airport.

Where to Find Taxis

The taxi rank is just outside the arrivals halls, Ground floor, exit gate 6 at Terminal 1: exit gate 4 at Terminal 2.. During the peak times (and in July and August in particular) the taxi queues can be lengthy and you can easily wait up to thirty minutes. If you are getting a taxi from the airport ask the driver for the cost of your journey before you set off. The fare given is per vehicle, not per person and as a rough guide a taxi to the centre of Milan will cost in the region of €85-90 for a 45-60 minute journey (depending on time of day and traffic)

Direct phone numbers for advance reservation

  • Radiotaxi 6969 – phone: (+39) 02 6969
  • Radio Taxi Freccia – phone: (+39) 02 4000
  • Taxi Blu – Tel: (+39) 02 4040
  • Radio Taxi La Martesana – phone: (+39) 02 2181
  • Taxi 8585 Autoradiotassi – phone: (+39) 02 8585
  • ICTM Consorzio Taxi Malpensa – phone: (+39) 0331 231312 e 800911333

Rates: Milano/Malpensa € 90;  Malpensa/Fiera € 65;  Malpensa/Linate € 100

You may also find that car rental is cheaper over a week or long weekend than the cost of a return taxi journey, especially if you are travelling a distance of 50kms or more.

We also provide maps and driving directions to help you with your travel.

Milan Taxi Services

Taxis in Milan are not cheap, especially at rush-hour. Milan’s taxis are white and park in special areas in the city centre. They have a fixed minimum tariff which will click on when you set off on your journey. Prices are based on a set fare at the beginning and an additional fare based on time elapsed and distance travelled. You will also be charged a supplement for baggage or if you are traveling late at night or on Sundays or on public holidays.

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